Abstract Canvas Prints

26 Dec

So technically, I shouldn’t take credit for these, but they’re a great idea for keeping kids occupied for a while!

Abstract canvas prints by my 3 year old – All it takes is blank canvas, painter’s masking tape, and paint.

As you can see, she was very much on task for the first one (on the left of the bottom photo). She then helped me put the tape on the second one and got bored very quickly so all the colours were quickly mixed into a browny slush before she gave up (on the right).

The end result is two very different canvas prints! Thankfully, they made fantastic Christmas presents for her grandparents!



Recycled Photo Frames

26 Dec

For Christmas this year, we decided to make gifts for the family instead of buying new things. Here’s what I managed to put together using:

* Two old wooden picture frames from a second-hand shop
* Wooden pegs
* String
* Staple gun
* Left-over paint
* Some cardboard and sellotape

All for a grand total of $14 (NZ) for two presents ­čÖé


Pumpkin Halloween Costume!

25 Oct

We don’t normally celebrate Halloween in the Southern Hemisphere, but it’s becoming more and more popular nowadays. This year, our friends will be holding a Halloween party and so I decided to make my daughter a pumpkin costume! The hat was based on these two patterns here and here, and modified to make it a bit bigger for my almost-3 year old.

The pumpkin top was based on a google image search for “kids pumpkin costume”. Then I just free-styled it from there with some orange polar fleece material, black cotton lining for the face, and a white jersey cotton lining in the inside. I’ve stuffed it with some old wadding I had, and elasticated the hem.

I’m pretty happy with the final result, and my daughter was very excited to try it on! ┬áLooking forward to heading to the party next week!


Monkeys, Rabbits, Vests, and Bags!

24 Mar

A few of my latest projects that I haven’t had a chance to put up on the blog yet. Hope you like them!

1) A crochet monkey [pattern here] – a christmas present for a friend whose little boy loves monkeys!


2) Crochet bunnies! [pattern here] – these were a christmas present for my little sister who loves bunnies! She had a grey rabbit for a few years, and I had a white one (may they both rest in peace), so I thought these two were a fitting pair.


3) A crochet vest for my daughter [adapted from newborn pattern here] – I managed to find a huge ball of purple yarn for $5 from Spotlight so wanted to make something practical with it. I ended up adapting a pattern I’d used a few times in the past to make vests as gifts for friends with newborns.


4) Matching bags – I wanted a bag with a longer strap than my current one and couldn’t find anything I liked in store. Ended up whipping up a bag for me, and had enough material left over to make a wee bag for my daughter too.


Crochet Elmo v2

8 Nov

After making the first soft toy Elmo, there were a few niggly things that annoyed me about him. His mouth was perpetually wide open, he couldn’t sit up because his head was too heavy, and there was no way to access the inside of his torso to re-stuff his neck after my daughter carried him around by the neck a few times and the stuffing moved around. So when a friend asked me if I could make her daughter an Elmo for Christmas, I really wanted to improve on the first attempt.

Introducing Elmo 2.0:

Elmo 2.0 can sit unassisted!

Elmo 2.0 has a zip on the back so he can be re-stuffed.

And Elmo 2.0’s mouth is a lot more closed so that it doesn’t look like he’s screaming all the time (unlike Elmo 1.0 on the right).

I can’t wait to see what Elmo 2.0’s new owner thinks of him at Christmas time!

Crochet Baby Boots

13 Sep

I’ve had a bit of a creative “lull” lately as work has kept me busy in the evenings, as well as the epic Game of Thrones books, but I took a break from reading to make some wee baby boots for a colleague who is expecting twin girls.┬áThese are based on the pattern for the baby slippers I made earlier, but I have added a few more rows to extend the slippers over the ankles to turn into boots. I reckon they’re pretty damn cute!


Crochet Elmo Soft Toy

31 Jul

I think I say this about every project, but seriously, this is my most favourite project YET!


I found the pattern at Maggie Makes Stuff and thought it would be ideal for my wee girl who loves Elmo but doesn’t like any of the Elmos we’ve found in store that sing, dance, laugh, play the drums, and so on. I ended up using Moda Vera “Honey Joy” yarn from Spotlight and initially bought three balls thinking that Elmo was going to be a lot smaller than what he actually turned out to be – I ended up using 6 balls all up. I tried using the recommended 3.5mm hook to start off with but it was impossible to crochet with so ended up using a 6mm crochet hook and feeling for each stitch with my fingers. The eyes, nose, and mouth were crocheted with a 4mm hook, with three extra increase rows for the mouth and one extra increase row (and double the extra rows before decreasing) for the eyes and nose. The end result is an Elmo about the size of an infant or small toddler!



Elmo took just over a week to finish, with crocheting most evenings for an hour or two. When I showed my daughter the final result this morning, her wee face was so adorable. Here’s a few photos of her and her Elmo.


I’m sure Little Miss C and Elmo are going to have plenty of fun adventures growing up together!