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Marshmallow Snowmen

11 Dec

These could have probably gone with the Frozen party but I ran out of time to make them! Instead, I made them for my daughter’s Christmas party at her daycare. The marshmallows are joined together by bits of melted marshmallow, and the faces and buttons are drawn on with blue food colouring. The noses are little coloured sprinkle strands. The kids at her daycare loved them!



DIY Frozen Birthday Party

11 Dec

My daughter recently turned 4 and like most girls her age, is obsessed with Frozen. So it came as no surprise that she wanted a Frozen themed birthday party. After looking at the prices of proper Frozen merchandise, I decided to DIY a lot of the party stuff myself. Here’s what I ended up doing:

Olaf pinata

This was fairly simple to make, but the most time-consuming out of all the projects. I used four layers of newspaper (waiting for each layer to dry before putting on the next one) and used a paste made from 1 cup of flour and 1 cup of water to stick the paper to the balloon. The nose was an orange piece of paper taped up into a cone shape, then stuck on. Painted it up, threaded some string in the top, then hung it to a tree. It certainly did a good job of staying together for long enough for 6 4 year olds to give it a few decent whacks each! (Poor Olaf!)


Elsa Crown Cake

This was a fairly simple way to make a themed cake without getting too carried away with cake toppers or lots of fondant. I bought a crown-shaped cake tin and printed out a large picture of Elsa to go under it.


Party Favours

I found the templates for these online at:


Frozen Buntings

I downloaded and printed these out from here:


Pin the Nose on Olaf game

I got the idea and template from:


Various Crafts Sheets

I downloaded some Elsa crowns, Sven antlers, and Olafs for the kids to colour in and cut out. These were SUCH a hit! When I find the links again, I’ll post them up here 🙂

Other Stuff

I also cut out some snow flakes out of crepe paper to stick on the windows, and blew up some light blue and white balloons to go around the room. The great thing about these decorations is that they’re still up at the moment, as they sort of go with the Christmas theme we have in our lounge now.

Yet Another Mei Tai!

12 Aug

Good news for those who are wanting instructions for how to make a mei tai – the pattern I’ve been using has been released at and only costs $10NZ 🙂

Here’s yet another mei tai I’ve made with the pattern, this time with proper wrap fabric and I’m impressed with how much more comfortable it is compared to the previous ones made with cotton duck. The body panels are made with Didymos Tortuga scraps, and the straps are made with Colimacon et Cie wrap fabric. I love love love it!


Volcano Mei Tai

17 Jun

Spotlight’s sale on printed cotton duck fabric was all the excuse I needed to make another mei tai using Tara Hills @ Woven’s soon-to-be-released MT instructions. This time it’s in a baby size (although my huge 5 month old probably won’t be in it for long) and I got to practice my quilting skills on the waistband. I love it!


Things For My Baby!

30 May

In January, I was waiting for the arrival of my second daughter. I had finished work at the end of December (just before Christmas), and my 3 year old was back at pre-school, so I had a bit of spare time. I decided to crochet the new baby a wee cardigan following this pattern here. I was very happy with how it turned out, although next time I’ll use a plain coloured wool as the multiple colours makes the pretty shell stitches hard to see. Luckily, I also had enough wool left over to make a matching hat using this pattern here. Here’s the complete ensemble!



My next project was to do something with the wooden letters I had bought to put on the wall in her room. These were plain MDF ones from Spotlight. I opted to use scrapbook paper, white paint, a craft knife, and some glue for these.


Here are the letters up on her wall (in her newly decorated and painted room. Note to self: painting a room at 31 weeks pregnant really does make you quite tired the next day!)..


After Scarlett’s arrival, I was inspired to make one of those framed commemorative things with details about birth date,weight, etc. I found a template online here, and made one for Scarlett as well as her big sister.


The realities of having a newborn and an older child meant that I was quickly running out of hands to do things. I borrowed a friend’s ring sling and was very taken by the convenience of baby carrying. I ended up making a couple of ring slings (using the pleats based on this tutorial here, SlingRings can be purchased in NZ through Woven or We Two).


.. including one for my daughter to carry her soft toys!


This quickly became a bit of an obsession as I discovered that Spotlight tablecloths make great ring slings, especially for the mums in one of my mums groups!


… and they also make great wrap strap mei tais (loosely based on this pattern here)!



PhotoGrid_1399256878711_resizedEven better, the scraps from the tapers were great for making wee dribble bibs!

Finally.. my latest project involved getting some wrap fabric by the metre from Colimacon et Cie in France, and hemming it to make my first proper woven wrap!



So, that’s it from me so far. I’m back at work from maternity leave in July, but have a few more baby carrier projects I’d like to have done before then. Fingers crossed I’ll have the time!

Crochet Elmo v2

8 Nov

After making the first soft toy Elmo, there were a few niggly things that annoyed me about him. His mouth was perpetually wide open, he couldn’t sit up because his head was too heavy, and there was no way to access the inside of his torso to re-stuff his neck after my daughter carried him around by the neck a few times and the stuffing moved around. So when a friend asked me if I could make her daughter an Elmo for Christmas, I really wanted to improve on the first attempt.

Introducing Elmo 2.0:

Elmo 2.0 can sit unassisted!

Elmo 2.0 has a zip on the back so he can be re-stuffed.

And Elmo 2.0’s mouth is a lot more closed so that it doesn’t look like he’s screaming all the time (unlike Elmo 1.0 on the right).

I can’t wait to see what Elmo 2.0’s new owner thinks of him at Christmas time!