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Little Red Mei Tai!

5 Jun

I’ve been very fortunate to be chosen as a tester for some DIY mei tai instructions (soon to be released at After getting in early to the Spotlight sale on Queen’s Birthday, I got some red cotton duck and some “Little Red Riding Hood” printed poplin to start sewing. After a few days of sewing while my baby napped, I have just finished this gorgeous mei tai, complete with a red hood (on the underside of the patterned hood).


I am very happy with how it’s turned out and extremely impressed with the level of detail that mei tai instructions had! Look out for the pattern on sale at in the next month or so.


Things For My Baby!

30 May

In January, I was waiting for the arrival of my second daughter. I had finished work at the end of December (just before Christmas), and my 3 year old was back at pre-school, so I had a bit of spare time. I decided to crochet the new baby a wee cardigan following this pattern here. I was very happy with how it turned out, although next time I’ll use a plain coloured wool as the multiple colours makes the pretty shell stitches hard to see. Luckily, I also had enough wool left over to make a matching hat using this pattern here. Here’s the complete ensemble!



My next project was to do something with the wooden letters I had bought to put on the wall in her room. These were plain MDF ones from Spotlight. I opted to use scrapbook paper, white paint, a craft knife, and some glue for these.


Here are the letters up on her wall (in her newly decorated and painted room. Note to self: painting a room at 31 weeks pregnant really does make you quite tired the next day!)..


After Scarlett’s arrival, I was inspired to make one of those framed commemorative things with details about birth date,weight, etc. I found a template online here, and made one for Scarlett as well as her big sister.


The realities of having a newborn and an older child meant that I was quickly running out of hands to do things. I borrowed a friend’s ring sling and was very taken by the convenience of baby carrying. I ended up making a couple of ring slings (using the pleats based on this tutorial here, SlingRings can be purchased in NZ through Woven or We Two).


.. including one for my daughter to carry her soft toys!


This quickly became a bit of an obsession as I discovered that Spotlight tablecloths make great ring slings, especially for the mums in one of my mums groups!


… and they also make great wrap strap mei tais (loosely based on this pattern here)!



PhotoGrid_1399256878711_resizedEven better, the scraps from the tapers were great for making wee dribble bibs!

Finally.. my latest project involved getting some wrap fabric by the metre from Colimacon et Cie in France, and hemming it to make my first proper woven wrap!



So, that’s it from me so far. I’m back at work from maternity leave in July, but have a few more baby carrier projects I’d like to have done before then. Fingers crossed I’ll have the time!

Pumpkin Halloween Costume!

25 Oct

We don’t normally celebrate Halloween in the Southern Hemisphere, but it’s becoming more and more popular nowadays. This year, our friends will be holding a Halloween party and so I decided to make my daughter a pumpkin costume! The hat was based on these two patterns here and here, and modified to make it a bit bigger for my almost-3 year old.

The pumpkin top was based on a google image search for “kids pumpkin costume”. Then I just free-styled it from there with some orange polar fleece material, black cotton lining for the face, and a white jersey cotton lining in the inside. I’ve stuffed it with some old wadding I had, and elasticated the hem.

I’m pretty happy with the final result, and my daughter was very excited to try it on! ¬†Looking forward to heading to the party next week!


Monkeys, Rabbits, Vests, and Bags!

24 Mar

A few of my latest projects that I haven’t had a chance to put up on the blog yet. Hope you like them!

1) A crochet monkey [pattern here] – a christmas present for a friend whose little boy loves monkeys!


2) Crochet bunnies! [pattern here] – these were a christmas present for my little sister who loves bunnies! She had a grey rabbit for a few years, and I had a white one (may they both rest in peace), so I thought these two were a fitting pair.


3) A crochet vest for my daughter [adapted from newborn pattern here] – I managed to find a huge ball of purple yarn for $5 from Spotlight so wanted to make something practical with it. I ended up adapting a pattern I’d used a few times in the past to make vests as gifts for friends with newborns.


4) Matching bags – I wanted a bag with a longer strap than my current one and couldn’t find anything I liked in store. Ended up whipping up a bag for me, and had enough material left over to make a wee bag for my daughter too.


Cot Quilt

4 Jun

My plan for the long weekend was to finish the size 2 cardigan I’d started for my daughter but I ran out of wool around three quarters of the way through and Spotlight didn’t have any left in that colour. I put my name down for the next order of that particular wool, and came home empty-handed and a bit dejected.¬†Until I remembered that I had another project that I’d been meaning to start..

Almost a year ago now, I bought some “cot panels” from Spotlight to make a cot duvet cover for my daughter. However, the size of the panels wasn’t the same as any standard cot-sized duvet, so it ended up being an empty duvet cover with no duvet insert. I decided to unpick it and start again, except this time, turning it into a quilt instead.

This was a fairly simple project. I had the cot panel for the top, the coordinating fabric for the back, and some left-over cotton/bamboo batting from my sleeping bag project for the middle. I used basting spray to keep the three layers together, then machine stitched around the outside and each of the elephants on the panel. I made my own binding from some left-over flannelette using Heather Bailey’s continuous quilt-binding instructions, and a couple of hours later, the quilt was complete.

Bonnet Sunhat

30 May

At my daughter’s daycare, they have bonnet-style sunhats that the kids wear when playing outside. As my daughter seems to have a knack for pulling off her usual sunhats, I thought I’d try and copy one of the daycare ones to see if she’d keep it on her head. It turned out to be a success!

Winter Sleeping Bag

6 May

Brrrrrr.. we’re getting into winter! My toddler is almost getting too big for her 0-2 year Merino Kids Go Go bag, and I’m not sure how much longer we’re going to keep her in sleeping bags. Instead of forking out $200 to get a winter-weight bag in the next size up, I decided to make one for what ended up being a quarter of the price of a new one. The sizing is based on my toddler’s 2-4 year standard weight bag. The sleeping bag is made with an outer layer of 100% jersey cotton, a bamboo/cotton fill, and a 100% merino liner. Mmmmm snuggly!