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Abstract Canvas Prints

26 Dec

So technically, I shouldn’t take credit for these, but they’re a great idea for keeping kids occupied for a while!

Abstract canvas prints by my 3 year old – All it takes is blank canvas, painter’s masking tape, and paint.

As you can see, she was very much on task for the first one (on the left of the bottom photo). She then helped me put the tape on the second one and got bored very quickly so all the colours were quickly mixed into a browny slush before she gave up (on the right).

The end result is two very different canvas prints! Thankfully, they made fantastic Christmas presents for her grandparents!



Recycled Photo Frames

26 Dec

For Christmas this year, we decided to make gifts for the family instead of buying new things. Here’s what I managed to put together using:

* Two old wooden picture frames from a second-hand shop
* Wooden pegs
* String
* Staple gun
* Left-over paint
* Some cardboard and sellotape

All for a grand total of $14 (NZ) for two presents 🙂


Painted T-shirt

27 Dec

For Christmas 2011, one of my mums and bubs groups decided to have a Secret Santa present exchange. I was given a baby called Josh to find a present for. After a bit of unproductive searching, I decided to buy a plain blue t-shirt and hand-paint it with his name. I happened to be on the phone to my sister (who is A LOT more creative than me) when I was trying to come up with ideas, when we brainstormed a snakes and ladders design. Here is the end result from our combined ideas.


Homemade Wall Decals

31 Oct

After putting up new wallpaper in the nursery, the walls were looking rather bare. I was quite keen on wall decals but didn’t want to pay upwards of $100 to buy some. I found on a forum somewhere that people had used Contact paper (a self-adhesive lining paper, kind of like duraseal, but for lining shelves and stuff) with varying success. A trip to the local Mitre 10 and $20 later, I came back with 1 roll of white paper and 1 roll of black paper. Here are a few of the decals I made from these. I bought a set of craft knives for cutting these out. The pukekos are actually hand-painted onto the white contact paper, then sprayed over with a gloss fixative.


Mini Canvas Paintings

17 Jun

I have to admit I cheated a bit with these, as they are the “paint in the lines” style ones that you can buy from the Warehouse. Pretty good deal though – $5 for each one, and they come with little containers of paint and a couple of paintbrushes!


Jungle Fever Canvas Painting

9 Jun

Not too long after I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, my mind turned to what to decorate her room with. I had a brand new canvas that I bought a few years back (and hadn’t actually got around to doing anything with), so I pulled it out then scoured some baby shops for inspiration on what to paint on it. We spotted these Jungle Fever Paper Eskimo serviettes in one store, and I set about my attempt to replicate it. I was pretty happy with the end result as I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush since high school (about 10 years ago).