Archive | June, 2014

Volcano Mei Tai

17 Jun

Spotlight’s sale on printed cotton duck fabric was all the excuse I needed to make another mei tai using Tara Hills @ Woven’s soon-to-be-released MT instructions. This time it’s in a baby size (although my huge 5 month old probably won’t be in it for long) and I got to practice my quilting skills on the waistband. I love it!



Little Red Mei Tai!

5 Jun

I’ve been very fortunate to be chosen as a tester for some DIY mei tai instructions (soon to be released at After getting in early to the Spotlight sale on Queen’s Birthday, I got some red cotton duck and some “Little Red Riding Hood” printed poplin to start sewing. After a few days of sewing while my baby napped, I have just finished this gorgeous mei tai, complete with a red hood (on the underside of the patterned hood).


I am very happy with how it’s turned out and extremely impressed with the level of detail that mei tai instructions had! Look out for the pattern on sale at in the next month or so.