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Things For My Baby!

30 May

In January, I was waiting for the arrival of my second daughter. I had finished work at the end of December (just before Christmas), and my 3 year old was back at pre-school, so I had a bit of spare time. I decided to crochet the new baby a wee cardigan following this pattern here. I was very happy with how it turned out, although next time I’ll use a plain coloured wool as the multiple colours makes the pretty shell stitches hard to see. Luckily, I also had enough wool left over to make a matching hat using this pattern here. Here’s the complete ensemble!



My next project was to do something with the wooden letters I had bought to put on the wall in her room. These were plain MDF ones from Spotlight. I opted to use scrapbook paper, white paint, a craft knife, and some glue for these.


Here are the letters up on her wall (in her newly decorated and painted room. Note to self: painting a room at 31 weeks pregnant really does make you quite tired the next day!)..


After Scarlett’s arrival, I was inspired to make one of those framed commemorative things with details about birth date,weight, etc. I found a template online here, and made one for Scarlett as well as her big sister.


The realities of having a newborn and an older child meant that I was quickly running out of hands to do things. I borrowed a friend’s ring sling and was very taken by the convenience of baby carrying. I ended up making a couple of ring slings (using the pleats based on this tutorial here, SlingRings can be purchased in NZ through Woven or We Two).


.. including one for my daughter to carry her soft toys!


This quickly became a bit of an obsession as I discovered that Spotlight tablecloths make great ring slings, especially for the mums in one of my mums groups!


… and they also make great wrap strap mei tais (loosely based on this pattern here)!



PhotoGrid_1399256878711_resizedEven better, the scraps from the tapers were great for making wee dribble bibs!

Finally.. my latest project involved getting some wrap fabric by the metre from Colimacon et Cie in France, and hemming it to make my first proper woven wrap!



So, that’s it from me so far. I’m back at work from maternity leave in July, but have a few more baby carrier projects I’d like to have done before then. Fingers crossed I’ll have the time!