Monkeys, Rabbits, Vests, and Bags!

24 Mar

A few of my latest projects that I haven’t had a chance to put up on the blog yet. Hope you like them!

1) A crochet monkey [pattern here] – a christmas present for a friend whose little boy loves monkeys!


2) Crochet bunnies! [pattern here] – these were a christmas present for my little sister who loves bunnies! She had a grey rabbit for a few years, and I had a white one (may they both rest in peace), so I thought these two were a fitting pair.


3) A crochet vest for my daughter [adapted from newborn pattern here] – I managed to find a huge ball of purple yarn for $5 from Spotlight so wanted to make something practical with it. I ended up adapting a pattern I’d used a few times in the past to make vests as gifts for friends with newborns.


4) Matching bags – I wanted a bag with a longer strap than my current one and couldn’t find anything I liked in store. Ended up whipping up a bag for me, and had enough material left over to make a wee bag for my daughter too.



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