Crochet Toddler Cardigan #2

6 Jul

After vowing to never make another cardigan because of the sheer time commitment, I found this lovely pattern in my local Spotlight. Well, I had gorgeous dark pink wool that I’d bought on special, so I set off on my mission to make a “sooky boys and girls jacket” (as an aside, I’m still not sure what “sooky” refers to).

I wasn’t too sure what size it was going to end up as I couldn’t find anything on the pattern sheet to give me any clues, but hoped that it would still fit Little Miss C (my 19 m.o. daughter). For the most part, I followed the pattern as written. The sleeves I had to make 4 rows longer than stated (15 rows instead of 11), and I ended up orientating the hood a different way to the instructions. The instructions were a bit funny and contradictory in places (I guess that’s why they have a disclaimer in fine print at the bottom that says “the information on this project sheet is presented in good faith, but no warranty is given, nor results guaranteed”). However, common sense prevailed in most places, and after spending a good 1-2 hours most evenings working on this in the past 2 weeks, here’s the finished result. I love the texture with the treble cross-stitches, and the 8ply wool means it still feels nice and “chunky” and warm.


To my relief (after spending so long on it), it fits my daughter, and should do for a few more months yet! Yay!



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