Crochet Rat

2 Jul

It’s not often I get to crochet for work-related purposes!

This project was for a science festival targeted towards kids and their families. I wanted a rat to show how we study animal behaviour in Psychology, but using a real one was out of the question. Cue a google image search for “crochet rat”, and a few hours later using trial and error and  no pattern, here’s what I ended up with!

To put this wee ratty in context, we can study animal behaviour and the effects of rewards by using operant chambers (or skinner boxes), where rats learn how to press levers under certain conditions to obtain food rewards. Here’s ratty in an operant chamber:

Hopefully, the kids will be able to learn something from the wee ratty. In any case, I think I’ll teach my undergrads with ratty in my pocket from now on (nothing like a bit of eccentricity to get them wondering about my sanity!)


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