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Crochet Elmo Soft Toy

31 Jul

I think I say this about every project, but seriously, this is my most favourite project YET!


I found the pattern at Maggie Makes Stuff and thought it would be ideal for my wee girl who loves Elmo but doesn’t like any of the Elmos we’ve found in store that sing, dance, laugh, play the drums, and so on. I ended up using Moda Vera “Honey Joy” yarn from Spotlight and initially bought three balls thinking that Elmo was going to be a lot smaller than what he actually turned out to be – I ended up using 6 balls all up. I tried using the recommended 3.5mm hook to start off with but it was impossible to crochet with so ended up using a 6mm crochet hook and feeling for each stitch with my fingers. The eyes, nose, and mouth were crocheted with a 4mm hook, with three extra increase rows for the mouth and one extra increase row (and double the extra rows before decreasing) for the eyes and nose. The end result is an Elmo about the size of an infant or small toddler!



Elmo took just over a week to finish, with crocheting most evenings for an hour or two. When I showed my daughter the final result this morning, her wee face was so adorable. Here’s a few photos of her and her Elmo.


I’m sure Little Miss C and Elmo are going to have plenty of fun adventures growing up together!


Crochet Toddler Cardigan #2

6 Jul

After vowing to never make another cardigan because of the sheer time commitment, I found this lovely pattern in my local Spotlight. Well, I had gorgeous dark pink wool that I’d bought on special, so I set off on my mission to make a “sooky boys and girls jacket” (as an aside, I’m still not sure what “sooky” refers to).

I wasn’t too sure what size it was going to end up as I couldn’t find anything on the pattern sheet to give me any clues, but hoped that it would still fit Little Miss C (my 19 m.o. daughter). For the most part, I followed the pattern as written. The sleeves I had to make 4 rows longer than stated (15 rows instead of 11), and I ended up orientating the hood a different way to the instructions. The instructions were a bit funny and contradictory in places (I guess that’s why they have a disclaimer in fine print at the bottom that says “the information on this project sheet is presented in good faith, but no warranty is given, nor results guaranteed”). However, common sense prevailed in most places, and after spending a good 1-2 hours most evenings working on this in the past 2 weeks, here’s the finished result. I love the texture with the treble cross-stitches, and the 8ply wool means it still feels nice and “chunky” and warm.


To my relief (after spending so long on it), it fits my daughter, and should do for a few more months yet! Yay!


Another Crochet Newborn Hat

5 Jul

Yup, there seem to be lots of babies (or expectant babies) around me at the moment!  This one is for a workmate who has just had a baby girl. I thought I’d try a different pattern so used a shell stitch beanie pattern this time. The basic 5-petal flower pattern was from here. The wool was left over from my daughter’s cardigan project. I think the end result is very cute!


I tried to get another photo to illustrate the pattern of the hat but it’s a bit hard without a newborn head to try it on. Hopefully this will suffice!

Crochet Rat

2 Jul

It’s not often I get to crochet for work-related purposes!

This project was for a science festival targeted towards kids and their families. I wanted a rat to show how we study animal behaviour in Psychology, but using a real one was out of the question. Cue a google image search for “crochet rat”, and a few hours later using trial and error and  no pattern, here’s what I ended up with!

To put this wee ratty in context, we can study animal behaviour and the effects of rewards by using operant chambers (or skinner boxes), where rats learn how to press levers under certain conditions to obtain food rewards. Here’s ratty in an operant chamber:

Hopefully, the kids will be able to learn something from the wee ratty. In any case, I think I’ll teach my undergrads with ratty in my pocket from now on (nothing like a bit of eccentricity to get them wondering about my sanity!)

Crochet Baby Slippers

2 Jul

I think it’s impossible for miniature versions of things to NOT look cute! So I just had to make the women’s slippers in a little newborn version:


And what goes with little slippers? Well, a wee newborn hat of course!


I gave these both to a friend at her baby shower in the weekend. Hopefully they’re sufficiently “baby” sized! It’s hard to judge now as it seems like ages ago that my 19 month old was at the newborn stage!