Elmo Hats

21 May

My 18 month old daughter loves Elmo. So much in fact that she can only say about a dozen words and one of them is “Elmo”. After I learnt how to crochet a standard beanie, I decided to try and branch out and make an Elmo beanie. A quick google search and I came up with the Girl in Air blog, with patterns for Sesame St themed beanies.

Here’s the first attempt at the Elmo beanie. I used a size 4mm crochet hook and 8ply acrylic yarn. I followed the toddler pattern for the hat, then adapted the instructions for the eyes and nose to make them bigger. I used this Instructables tutorial here for how to crochet a ball.

Unfortunately, this hat was a wee bit on the small side for my daughter, so I ended up making a second hat. This time, I started with 11 dc in the ring (instead of 8) and made 4 increase rounds, then continued dc-ing until the hat was long enough. I decided to make some earflaps, then single crocheted a black edge and plaited some ties. The eyes were the same as the last hat but I made the nose a bit longer to make it more Elmo-esque. Here is version 2:

The hat is a hit at my daughter’s daycare and we often receive comments when we’re out and about with her wearing it.


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