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Portable High Chair

27 Jan

We were heading down to the in-laws’ for a few days over Christmas and didn’t want to pack everything but the kitchen sink for our daughter. As our high chair doesn’t fold down, I looked for patterns to make a portable high chair and came up with this ingenious one from This Mama Makes Stuff. A couple of hours later, and I had this all ready to go for our trip:


It’s been fantastic to have around and folds up nice and light for travelling on the plane also. The only problem is that it really is only suited for chairs with vertical slats. One day I’ll figure out how to adapt it to fit horizontal slats too, but for now I have other projects I’d like to complete first.


Square Cushion Covers

7 Jan

These were pretty simple to make. The first two were for a friend who wanted matching cushions to go with her boy’s curtains. The other one was for my daughter’s room (to match her curtains). Each of these have a zip along one side, and the cushion fillings were from Spotlight.